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More Useful Summoners War Tips

  • To increase your overall efficiency start performing fodder farming, but make sure that you use fodders carefully.
  • Always bring fodders that have additional abilities and buff skills.
  • Make as many friends as you can and try to add those friends that have reached high levels in the game. Friends who have reached higher levels will have better leader monsters. These friends will be able to help you out during battles as you can use your friend’s monsters once every day.
  • Invite as many friends as you can to join the game through Facebook, email, texting, etc. You will earn rewards for each friend that accepts your invitation. If 5 friends accept your invitation, then you will earn some Mana. When 10-30 friends accept your invite, then you will earn Crystals for free. If 50 friends join the game then you will earn a rare monster.
  • Only by acquiring some buildings, you can earn Crystals for free. This will be possible when you purchase a Crystal Mine after reaching Level 10 in the game. Through this mine, you can earn one Gem every 10 hours. You can collect up to 3 Gems at a time. Then, until you collect Crystals and empty it out, you won’t be able to earn Gems.
  • The Crystal Titan performs similarly to the Crystal Mine except that it will make you earn one Crystal every 8 hours instead of every 10 hours.
  • When you build Tranquil Forest, you can stick monsters in there and they will earn 100 Experience Points every hour.
  • By building the Crystal Lake, and sticking up to 4 monsters at a time, they will earn 150 Experience Points.
  • Try using Summoners War Hack and have fun!